Humke + Slottke Engineering GmbH

Construction, Commissioning, and Operation

Construction, supervision of the construction process, and consequent commissioning form the basis of our core competence. We have participated in the construction and commissioning of various power plants of different types throughout Europe (e.g. combined cycle power plants, plants using energy from waste, and biomass plants).

We understand the construction process of a plant to be a symbiosis of engineering, construction, and commissioning. Our work is not done until the successful trial operation and the transition into the commercial operation have taken place.

Our focus has now been extended beyond the construction and commissioning processes. More and more frequently, clients have been requiring support for the plant operation after the PAC (Provisory Acceptance Certificate). Additionally, O&M services are of interest for many clients. Based on our long-term experience in the area of after-sales service, along with constant customer training, we are well prepared for this challenge.

The following gives an overview of our main activities:

  • preparation of project timetables and monitoring of schedules throughout the project (engineering, construction, putting into service, commissioning)
  • planning and coordination of all construction site activities
  • putting into operation, cold (without fuel) and warm (with fuel)
  • personnel training and instruction in the power plant technology
  • trial run
  • performance test
  • after-sales service and warranty support